Andrew Gilton

CEO, For the last 28 years of his career, Andrew has gained extensive knowledge and business experience through his various roles in sales and leadership. He has a true passion for sales, which ultimately led to his serial entrepreneurship and successful business endeavors. Andrew has cultivated an exciting career and that prepared him for this new and exciting challenge as CEO of BFCH, ASIC Miners US, and Liquid Immersion Hosting.

Tom Corker

Chairman Of The Board, Tom is a veteran of multiple successful start-ups. He co-founded Cerra and Calix and served in numerous executive leadership roles during his career driving market and product strategy, product line management, marketing, corporate development, and manufacturing operations from company inception through IPO and acquisition stages. Tom loves the art of building cultures, teams, and products and thrives on developing product and market insertion strategies and winning against large established market players.

Samuel Clark

Chief Marketing Officer, Sam has always been an artistic person, but he really stepped up the game when his dad bought him a Tony Hawk Helmet camera when he was only 10. From that time on, he has went to school for visual communications, produced 4 tv shows, traveled the U.S., and filmed/produced countless commercials.He has also done digital design, videography, and photographed for large companies like Glad Trash Bags, Oracle, Bow Tech, and many more.

Matt Tudor

Director Of Marketing, Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, being brought up with a father in the technology field already, he has been interested in technology since he was young. In 2014, Matthew began doing photography and videography for fun, then progressed professionally. Then 2017, Graduating from the Greene County Career Center studying Digital Media, he started working in fields such as Live Broadcasting, Video Production, and Studio Production. His passion is in helping other people’s ideas come to life, visually and audibly through video! ​

Keith Su

Chief Supply Officer, Kaiqi (Keith) Su has joined BFCH as a senior executive and will be responsible for overseeing our supply chain of ASIC Miners from Asia and assisting us as we build out our miner hosting centers across the US. A 7-year veteran of the crypto mining industry, Keith has extensive experience in designing and building out large-scale mining facilities. Located in Asia, Keith has developed close personal relationships with ASIC miner manufactures, mining pools and data center operators.  

Quinton R.

Software Engineer, Quinton has a passion for crypto and blockchain technology. With 7+ years of dev experience in the crypto sphere, he has seen the space change a lot. His experience includes the realms of crypto mining, blockchain development, tokens/NFT development, decentralized application development, and more. In addition to the development side of things, he has helped lead and grow many successful projects in the blockchain space.