• A Better KD6!? In-Stock Profitable ASIC Miner

    A new version of the Goldshell KD6 has been released and we have it! The updated KD6 now runs at 29.2th/s! We break down the new KD6 and show the specs you need to see. We also have the old KD6 to compare, Crypto mining at it's best! We have this miner available now on our website below.

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  • Another Happy Customer! - Asic Miners US Interviews

    We're back with another interview, this time with our friend Matt. He'll be showing us his at-home mining set up, and talking his next business ventures!

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  • The Profitable At-Home Miner, Finally It's Quiet!

    The KD Box Pro is here and we are loving it! If you're looking to start your mining journey but you don't want to spend too much? This is the one to get you going.

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