Profitable at home ASIC miner

Profitable at home ASIC miner

Everyone. It's Andrew with again. And I'm back here with my good friend Keith Su. Hello, everyone. As you know, all of our viewers, we get things before most other people do. Keith, being Keith who has never let us down, has got his hands on something else that I also was able to get into my hands.

We're going to show you everything. But for right now, Keith, why don't you explain to everybody what you were able to get your hands on. Again, this is a brand new miner from Goldshell. They treat us quite well. So we've got the very first unit that is the new box. Let me just unpack it and introduce you to the specifications.

It does not look exactly like the Goldshell KD box, Keith. Yes, it's exactly the same size, same box. Wow. That is the same. Okay. That is it right there in his hands. Keith Brian, you tell us about the specifications of this box. What makes it different? It's upgraded from the hash rate, As you know, the Katie box performance of 1.6 to our hash rate and this one to Paul's coin six and a power consumption for the Katie box.

It was 2350 watt. Right. Right. This one 230 watts yeah. The fans dont make any noise. Right. You have to lock it behind the units in your room. And if you shut down a door, you can't do anything. I have this old power supply unit which. Yes, it holds up to four units. Right. So this older model power supply unit still works with that unit.

Yeah. A that that power supply works for all of the box miners from go show so people won't have to buy a new power supply as if they already have one, right? Yeah, that's right. And we want you guys to reach out to us if you have questions, if you're not sure, if you're not sure what to do with the mining, let us know.

We're here to help you. As usual, Keith. I really appreciate your time. I appreciate you taking the time to come and talk to us today. All right, everybody, this is Andrew. Basic commodities U.S. dot com again. And now you can see I'm basically being blinded by the new light in my new studio. I had some great friends, Sam and Mack having set this up for me.

I figured what I do is start off with another new product. Another one from Keith, as you saw in the introduction. Here it is, the key box Pro 2.6 trash. It looks exactly like all the other boxes. If you've ever seen any box standard plus 230 watts. It's pretty amazing. It's nice, compact, really quiet, actually. You know, this coming from somebody who has 11 or 12 lakes.

Sounds like an airport there. This, however, does not sound like an airport for those who are looking to start. This is a perfect entry level piece. You'll see it tomorrow as good value. The token goes up. It's going to be great. Anyway, what? I'm going to use this sucker hooked and then move it over to the computer so you can see what's going on.

We got the Katie Box Pro hooked up right next to the Katie box, the little brother. Now I have it connected to the cool Mars site owned by Gold Show. And you can see where we got about a 2.43 terra hash versus the 1.467 little brother. Let's go Katie box and look at that, because as we know, the new big brother has vastly improved to 2.6.

There are only 230 watts. So we've got a lot more power output for I mean, excuse me, we've got a lot more hashing for just a little bit more wattage. It's pretty remarkable. 88 price. Oh, $6.54. Not bad. If you believe in the project like we do, you know it would be going back up. Just imagine this.

I just want to throw this out there. Let's just say we're at $6.53. It could easily double and be at $13. And in which case this box is netting you around $80- $300 a year. As usual. The websites in the description, like in subscribe, obviously leave us some comments. Tell us what's going on. Tell us what you like.

If you have any questions, please email us. All right, you guys have a good evening. Goodbye.