Another Happy Customer! - Asic Miners US Interviews

Another Happy Customer! - Asic Miners US Interviews

Everybody. Welcome back again. I'm here with another customer, Matt. He went ahead and purchased an I.V. link from us back in about a month ago now. Is that about right, Matt? Yeah, just about a month ago. Tell everybody how you found us. Sure. So I bought the. Okay. One plus from you guys. After a very long and difficult search of trying to find a reputable seller, ended up finding you on eBay through a series of chats and conversations ended up buying the is from you guys.

All right. And and so what what made you decide to start mining? What made you choose the Ivy League and that K1 plus one was just you know the chance availability of it really. But it's one of the top revenue producing miners. That was at the time I bought it. So I didn't necessarily want to start with deep mining.

This is this is one of our first couple of miners that we purchased. So, you know, we didn't want any more complexity than we needed because we're just starting out and learning about all this technology, how it works, really. That's that's the the basis of it is try to make money as quickly as we could from the get go and ease the learning process along the way.

And what mining pools are your mining? CADENA So which mining tool are you mining with that one? Yep. So I started with pool pool player for a while and then there was a hiccup. So I tried to pull over for a day or so and then switch back to the pool player. Saw my pool player. Have you, have you tried to solo mine yet?

I if you hit it, you hit it, you hit it big. Yeah. But if you don't, you get zero. So what are your thoughts on that? I like the consistency of the pool mining where you get paid rewards every 10 minutes or depending on the pool year end. But it's predictable at that point. And over the past couple of days, I've been able to build a formula that puts a lot of, you know, eliminates a lot of the the guesswork out of, you know, how much we should be making and how many rewards we should be getting.

I'm at a point now where I'm pretty comfortable with knowing what we should get. So I'm not I'm not as worried about, you know, being down one casino per day compared to a week ago or something like that. I know what to expect at this point. So it's not to say I won't do it in the future. We're going to be staking some other coins in the future as well.

So like I said, this is just the beginning and so far so good with the miners. When people ask me, what should I be doing right now? Well, the currencies and the tokens are all down. That's my advice to everybody is to to stake them in pools, earn the interest, let it appreciate and let it get back. So is that is that what you're trying to do a lot of right now?

It's been the plan since the beginning. We don't want to dive all into a single project. So. Oh, very good. Very good. Well, I don't want to take up too much more of your time. Would you would you mind showing us the miner that you bought from us and so people can see that it's, in fact, a real thing?

Yeah. So I'm going to and I wander through my house, and once we get into the test, the test lab, then we'll show you some modifications, too. So. So you seen some of this, I'm sure, on YouTube where you just buy a cooler and some exhaust pipe and take mine and have some amateur indoor outdoor thermometers. So the monitor the temperature inside the cooler and it's at 81 right now.

Wow. So it's 81 inside the cooler and 77 in my utility room here. Wow. Well, that is that is actually a really nice setup. I have seen a lot of those on YouTube. I appreciate you taking the the time out of your data to talk to me and to show us your setup. I really appreciate it. Yeah, no problem.