A Better KD6!? In-Stock Profitable ASIC Miner

A Better KD6!? In-Stock Profitable ASIC Miner

This is the big bad dog that we've been waiting for. We finally got it. It's ready. It's here. The 29th place to tear ash under 2600 watts in total. Let me take this sucker apart and we'll go from there. Hey, everybody, it's Andrew with a sec. Minors U.S. dot com again. And as everybody knows by now, this is key.

This is our supplier. This is who we get all of our stuff from. You can see he's got a nice big wall of gold show boxes behind him. You guys probably remember we have the first video about the Katy six, but that was the old version of the KD6 as usual with Key. We have some very exciting news.

Keith, what do you have for us right now? First of all, I think we made a video before Andrew got the very first Katy Box crew last week, right? That's right. Yeah, at the new app, it is finalized to be 29.3 terahertz. So. So Congolese. Congratulations to all the previous buyers. Those who paid for the 26.3. There is wisdom all of the buyers will get 31 Terrahash for free.

Right? The power consumption is a little bit less. A little bit goes a long way. Right? The former model it's 2631. Although the upgraded one it's with more hashing but the less power consumption was 2550. First things first, the price we're going on, this price that we have for sale right now until April 15th.

So everybody, if you want this price for May, June, July, you need to lock it in before April 15th. That's it. Money has to be paid by that date. We want to get it out to you guys first. You know, like we have many other times with many other products. And it's really important that we continue to deliver the newer products as soon as we get them and as soon as Keith gets them.

And in fact, I know Keith, you have one there, don't you? Yes. It's an additional Chinese way. It's the new Katie six. But they sent that just this morning. Let's just do it and see whether it's any difference. All right. That's the new one right there. So I think the other one, the very first one you got before there is no warning.

No, no, there wasn't anything on that other one. And all the details due to fans and the size all the same. Yeah, from the first one. But as we know, it's not how it looks on the outside and how it runs on the inside. And, you know, just a much better machine. You're going to get a good hash rate and the profitability will be up because it's less power consumption.

And so we've got a very long list of very happy Katie, six customers. Well, they will be shortly when these things start shipping and hopefully, fingers crossed we'll have this unit in our hands sooner than later. I know Keith and I have talked a few times about the new project we're working on here in the United States. We have two other partners.

We're like this close to being finished and ready to launch and talk about it. It's going to be very exciting. It's going to complement what we already are doing. We may be able to have a solution for a lot of you that don't want to keep your miners at home anymore. As a reseller of async mining products here in the United States, I feel like it's very important that everybody can at least see my counterpart in China.

Anyway, Keith, I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much. It's my honor to do so. See you in the next video. I know that you can't really see this very well right now. The new 86, the 29.2 Terra has at under 2600 watts in total. This is the big band dog that we've been waiting for. We finally got it.

It's ready. It's here. Let me take this sucker apart and we'll go from there. I let the fast forwarding again. All right. There she is. Now you've seen the machine. Let's get it back out there and up and running, and we'll see how it works. All right, everybody. When I see this machine performing like it is, it's very exciting.

You can see I've let it run for about 36 hours. We got about 19 tokens. This is running on boomers. Our average hash rate is 28.06. Current hash rate 26.7. Nice. It's a little bit hot right now. So that makes sense. When our hash rate was 28.03, I figured I should hook it up to poolmars. Right. Because Gold Show owns it.

So the machine works great. It works wonderfully. It's as promised, as delivered. It's really exciting. I hope you guys enjoy this. We have these for sale. We are holding the price through April 15th. Where it is right now? Where are we at? KD6 was Let's look at Coinmarketcap and see where we are. $7.57. When Keith and I shot the first part of the video it was around $6.

I mean, look at it right here. We were hitting $7.73 earlier today. So there is a lot more action. I can't help but feel like there must be some correlation between the amount of people starting to buy it. It's getting popular. These Katie sixes are starting to roll out. Some people will get 26.3. This is the 29.2.

So we actually have the 29.2 right next to the 29.3. They look very similar. You know, they're both working fine. I am going to put this up and solo mine it for a few days and I'll let you know how that goes on. On Tool Flare. But I wanted to get this part finished. I wanted to get it out there.

And let's just hope that, you know, we can see more prices like this right here, then this right here, because that would be brilliant to see that sort of thing. I mean, look at that price. I mean, wow, that is pretty impressive. We all know where we want it to go. We all know where we hope it goes.

I'm still a huge fan of Kadena. You all know it's one of my favorites. I'm very biased towards it. I definitely like the project. I have big hopes for the project. Take a look at the videos. Let me know if you have any questions. Email us at asicminersus@[gmail.com](http://gmail.com/ "‌"). Of course we have a website async miners us dot com.

You can send us a message through the website. We're happy to respond to get back to you. We have these coming in. We have them now. I wish you guys the best of luck and if you have any questions, let me know. Talk to you soon. Thank you very much. Don't forget to log it. Describehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv907ejfOvY&t=1s